Through The Window

The thing I love most about art is the feelings it inspires in other people. Art can lift your spirits! Or make you want to cry. I love putting smiles on peoples faces, and the most fun and effective way for me, is through my art. One thing I really enjoy doing is when I go out to eat with the family or my friends, making a special picture for the waiter or waitress, and putting a little note on it saying something along the lines of “Thank you (insert waiter/waitress’ name) We appreciate your hard work”. Something this does is force me to pay more attention to the waiter/waitress than just ordering my food, and it shows the person waiting on us that we paid attention. I then leave the picture under the collective tip, and watch from somewhere where I wont be observed(like through a window) to see their reaction. The smiles that I receive are the best reward I could ever get (though money is nice too, gotta pay for those text books).

Here is a perfect example, last night I went to IHOP with my family and a couple family friends. Since it was Saint Patrick’s Day, you could get a three stack of pancakes for one dollar if you wore green, so of course we were taking advantage of the cheap pancakes(gotta love IHOP). So I did my picture thing, and placed it on the table with the tip. when we finally managed to leave, I watched as the waiter cleaned off the table and found my little gift. I saw him smile a little but he disappeared behind a pillar and I missed the part where, my friends tell me, he made a “wow” face. I did however see him show his coworkers. That made me happy. Also the waitress I had when we did the free stack on International Pancake Day was there. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the drawing I made for her. Fail on my part there. I wanted to ask her if she kept the picture but I didn’t think she’d remember me. Oh well, at least she smiled too. 🙂IHop_Jacob

Note: If your reading this Jacob, I hope you don’t mind me mentioning you on my blog.

4 comments on “Through The Window
  1. Jacob Gouin says:

    You Definitly put a ‘WOW’ on my face as i showed my Co-workers; Pedro mentioning how awesome that is and Sidney (the waitress from international pancake day) who mentioned and pointed out about the one you made for her “). She said that was so great and that yup it was the same lil Mischievous Art Fairie that had drew hers. thank you so much; you definitly display the reason why we can continue to push on with our Jobs & Customer Satisfaction. (p.s i took a screenshot to record the day because it will def be something that i hold on to.

    • Mischeivous Art Fairie says:

      Thank you! That is what I love hearing from people. I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 I’m on Facebook as Mischievous Art Studio, and Twitter as @ArtFaerieCass if you want to see more.

  2. Nancy Andersen says:

    This is such a wonderful way to show appreciation to those in the service industry. Good for you Cassandra . You are an inspiration to all of us. I can’t draw like you but maybe I can come up with my own way to sprinkle joy along the way.

    • Mellie says:

      Wow ! Totul e de vis. Trebuie sa te intreb despre sadenlale pe care le porti si care sunt frumoase tare. De unde ti le-ai luat? De fapt, tot ceea ce porti tu e frumos, rafinat.

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